Kaddu ki Sabzi/ Hairy Melon Curry

This simple curry recipe using hairy melonHairy melon/ Fuzzy Melon/ Winter Melon is also known as Kaddu in Hindi, ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ in Kannada. The curry tastes too delicious. It have many nutritional values and good for health.  If the melon is too ripened, please recmove the seeds otherwise it tastes bitter. If the seeds inside are tender and small, use it in the curry.

Easy tasty, quick and simple 15 minutes Easy, quick and simple curry in 15 minutes. This curry recipe is prepared without dal/ lentils. The ingredients required and the preparation time is also less. The use of coconut in the curry enriches the nutritional benefits and also the taste. This is curry or sambar recipe is without dal/ lentils. South Indian recipe best suited for roti/ chapathi/ rice

Tricks for good taste:

  1. Use fresh coconut for more flavour. However, the dry desiccated coconut. gives the same if soaked for 10 minutes.
  2. Chop Melon according to the required size.
  3. If cooker is unavailable, use, any pot/ kadayi/ Pan.
  4. Add Kashmiri or byadagi chilli for good colour in curry (optional).

Servings: 4 Members

Preparation time: Total 15 minutes

Cooking Total Time: Total 15 Minutes

Serving Suggestion:

  1. Main course/ side dish recipe for Roti/ Chapathi/ Phulka/ Rice.
  2. Side dish recipe with Dal
  3. Side dish with Dosa/ Idli/Appam/ Porridge.

Recipe in 90 Seconds Video: https://youtu.be/jtk4NA-393U

Ingredients Required:

  1. Hairy Melon/Kaddu/Kumbalakayi –Half(1/2)
  2. Coconut desiccated –Half cup
  3. Rasam Powder –4tbsp (substitute for Rasam powder is sambhar powder or red chilli with coriander powder)
  4. Tamarind –small lemon sized
  5. Water–3cups
  6. Salt –1tbsp
  7. Tempering: Oil–1tbsp, Mustard Seeds–1tbsp, Few curry leaves.


Step 1: Peel and chop the Melon /kaddu.

Step 2: Cook 1 Whistle in pressure cooker or in a pan till it softens.

Step 3: Grind Coconut, Tamarind, Rasam powder (substitute is given in ingredients section) with 1 cup water into fine paste.

Step 4: Add the ground paste to cooked melon/ kaddu.

Step 5: Prepare seasoning: 1 tbsp Oil, 1 tbsp Mustard, Few curry leaves.

Step 6: Mix the seasoning and 1 tbsp Salt and bring it to boil (2minutes).

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