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My favorite Cake Made healthy

When I was younger I loved cakes. Excuse me, I loved cream on my cakes. Cakes were a way to get as much cream on my plate, my hands, and my face. 🙂

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Dalithoy/ Konkani style Dalitoy/Dal Curry/ Daal

“Dalithoy” is called as “Kuldevu” (God) in Konkani language. It is a common curry found in every Konkani people’ house. The speciality of this curry is, it takes less time, no complex masala, flavourful, nutrition rich and many. Lentils/ toor dal/ dal curry without using onion, no garam masala. Pigeon pea is called Tuvar Dal…

Besan Ladoo/ Making of 100 laddus/ Indian sweet recipe

After reading my blog about Besan laddu, many friends had ordered for Laddus during Diwali/ Deepawali festival. So, thought of sharing this recipe among you all so, it may help someone to prepare laddus in bulk for festivals/ any celebration sweets during this isolation time. You can have a short peek into my previous post…


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