About AMCHI Cooking

The journey of AMCHI Cooking started on 01st March 2019 as “Shruthi’s Forum” with a team of 2 members (Me and my Husband). The word ‘AMCHI’ means ‘Our’ in Konkani language.  This blog focuses on giving traditional and new food recipes, Art & Crafts and the travel experience of Australia (mainly).

When I moved to Australia from India, my craving towards traditional food grew up. I started to miss the recipes and food items which were prepared by my Mom, Dad and neighbour Aunts😊 “Necessity is the Mother of invention”; It led towards the foundation and interest in Cooking. From simple Dal, No dal curry (no lentils), to Cabbage Curry. Snacks from ladoo to Cookie Pizza, baking cake using whole orange fruit to wheat flour jaggery cake. Baking experience using oven to bake without oven, without egg and many more. I am inspired by Sir Baba Amte. The facts of growing, yielding and cooking food by self (except sugar, salt and kerosene). When I decide to decorate my home, I use simple Cardboard (packing material) and glue (creative and economic isn’t it? 😊).

The recipes, crafts and travel experience are here for you to try, read, taste, feel and enjoy. Share your feedback about the tried recipes, it inspires and motivates for next innovation 😊

I am Shruthi, I was Professionally an Assistant Professor, passionately a Cook, a Craft person, lovingly a traveller and happily a blogger now 🙂

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