Teacher’s day gift/ Easy gift ideas/ 10 minutes homemade gift

“Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever”. Happy Teacher’s day to all my Teachers. Teachers are our guides, friends, second parents with whom we spent most of our school/college days with. Most of the encouragement words, motivational quotes, inspirational messages we have learnt from. Every year, 05th of September is remarked as Teacher’s day in the fond memory of Sir. Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. We all studied about their sacrifice, knowledgeable thoughts and how much dedicated and sacrificed their life for the field of teaching.

When I was in school/college (ofcourse, life is a permanent school) I was getting admired, inspired by the way my teachers used to teach me. Either it can be a moral story or a inspiring biography. I still can remember their efforts. How they shape the tender minds with empty knowledge to an intellectual youth. Inspired by them, I started my profession as an Assistant Professor. The days with my students (I can call them as my “friends”, that is how I treated them to fill more subject knowledge) were amazing. Being a teacher in an institution where you were a student is a wonderful experience. As, we will be students under our Professors and Professor for our students :). This post is dedicated to all lovely, strict and admiring, friendly Teachers.

You can use any cardboard or recycle plastic unused CDs. Easy cardboard gift ideas, home made gift ideas, school kids gift ideas, gift in 10 minutes. quick gift for birthdays (change the message).

AMCHI Cooking Recipes for Teacher’s Day:

  1. Panchakajjaya/ Panchakadayi
  2. Lentils soup/ Dalithoy/ Belesaaru
  3.  Curry without onion and garlic
  4. Curry recipe without dal
  5. Sweet poha recipe
  6. Cauliflower fry

Craft in 2 minute video: https://youtu.be/48OEXbjY9P0

1. CD (unused or damaged)1
2. Cardboard1 small piece
3. Glueto stick
4. Paint (acrylic or any)any colour
Materials Required


Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard to circular shape.

Step 2: Stick it using glue to a CD (unused).

Step 3: Draw some flowers on cardboard and cut it accordingly.

Step 4: Paste the flowers on to CD(semi circle way), Allow it to sundry.Paint it (acrylic paint used here). If paint is unavailable, please use colour paper.

Step 5: Write your desired message.

Here is your gift idea in 10minutes and using less items are ready.

You can write any message on it. If it’s birthday, it will be birthday gift idea/ homemade gift idea. If it’s anniversary, change the message and it will become anniversary gift idea. Father’s day gift ideas. easy gift ideas for father’s day.

Here you Can:

Try, Taste & Comment. You can post the pics you have tried from AMCHI Cooking on AMCHI Cooking’s YouTubeFacebookPinterestInstagram.

It motivates. Happy craft time 🙂


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