Gobi 65/ Cauliflower fry/ Easy snacks recipe

Easy Indian snacks recipe using cauliflower. Cauliflower has its own taste. Either you try frying or cook for the curry. I love cauliflowers. Do you? Comment it and please let me know. But why it is called Gobi 65 or chicken 65? Recipe has its own history on its name. It was the 65th food item on a restaurant menu (folk story). Later it got practised by the same name. Interesting, isn’t it? Tasty snacks recipe are always in everyone’s craving list. This recipe is deliciously delicious. So I call it as “del-delicious” 🙂

Rainy days snacks or winter snacks are always special. The chilling winter with hot cup of tea and crispy snacks..wow..the feeling itself is amazing. Rainy drops, rainbow at sky, movie on TV, a cup of hot coffee with crispy evening snack. Every stress will be relieved for a moment (yes, for a moment ;)) Enjoy it, feel it.

Easy, quick and simple snacks recipe in few minutes. This snack recipe is prepared using cauliflower/ gobi. The ingredients required and the preparation time is also less. The use of cornflour in the snacks makes it crispy, crunch. This is Indian street style snacks recipe/ restaurant/ dhaba recipe best prepared as evening snacks (normally). This can be prepared as an easy and quick thali recipe/ starter recipe or snacks time recipe. Good for kids and all ages. Here, I have used the standard spoon measurement. But it can be replaced with normal available spoons. Measurement is given below.

Tricks for good taste:

  1. Use fresh cauliflower. 
  2. Boil it till it cooks 3/4th (3-4 minutes).
  3. Do not overcook the cauliflower.
  4. Allow the cauliflower to cool completely after blanching. Filter the excess water.
  5. Taste the masala before mixing.
  6. If sauce unavailable, taste the fried ones (it tastes too yum).
  7. Add curry leaves. It gives great aroma.
  8. Food colour is completely optional.

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Recipe in 2 minutes short videohttps://youtu.be/2a8MjCXRuTA

1. Cauliflower (medium sized) 3/4th
2. Turmeric0.25tbsp
3. Water 3 cups
4. OilTo fry +2tbsp
1. Soya sauce, chilli sauce, tomato sauce2tbsp each
2. Curry leaves, coriander leaves, ginger, garlicfew
Ingredients required


Step 1: Wash, cut cauliflower to bite sized, blanch.

Step 2: Add 3cups water, 0.25tbsp turmeric and boil 3 minutes (till it softens a bit). Filter excess water (can be used for plants once cooled).

Step 2: Filter excess water, allow to cool completly.

Step 3: Masala: 4tbsp curd, 2tbsp ginger garlic paste, 1tbsp red chilli powder, 0.5tbsp coriander powder, 0.5tbsp garam masala, 1tbsp salt. Mix well.

Step 4: Marinate 30 minutes. Then add 4tbsp cornflour, 2tbsp maida (plainflour).

Step 5: Fry till golden brown.

Step 6: For masala: 2tbsp oil, 2tbsp ginger and garlic chopped,few curry leaves, coriander leaves, curry leaves (main), 1 green chilli, 0.5tbsp red food colour (optional),soya sauce, tomato sauce, chilli sauce(2tbsp). saute and mix.

Yummy delicious snacks ready.

Here you Can:

Try, Taste & Comment. You can post the pics you have tried from AMCHI Cooking on AMCHI Cooking’s YouTubeFacebookPinterestInstagram.

It motivates. Happy cooking 🙂


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