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My favorite semolina pancake

When I was younger I loved pancakes/ rotis.

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Easy snacks recipe | Eggless biscuit recipe without baking powder

“Amma Kavcha” (Mom, snacks?) was my naughty childhood chanting mantra soon after seeing Mom returning back from her office. Knowing her struggle in office, mantra changed to “Do you need coffee, Mom?” 🙂 Childhood days are golden days; where my family used to sit together for evening coffee-snacks with routine serials and narrating the entire…

Dalithoy/ Konkani style Dalitoy/Dal Curry/ Daal

“Dalithoy” is called as “Kuldevu” (God) in Konkani language. It is a common curry found in every Konkani people’ house. The speciality of this curry is, it takes less time, no complex masala, flavourful, nutrition rich and many. Lentils/ toor dal/ dal curry without using onion, no garam masala. Pigeon pea is called Tuvar Dal…

Indian veg curry recipe/ Malabar spinach curry/ Lobia masala/ Konkani style koddel

Malabar spinach is rich in antioxidants and helps to keep healthy cells; in short cells ageing problem decreases. Malabar Spinach is also called as Poi sag in Hindi, ಬಸಳೆ ಸೊಪ್ಪು in Kannada and (lastly) Vaali bajji in Konkani. This curry recipe is without using dal (lentils) and no garam masala curry. Black eyed peas/ Lobia/…

Besan Ladoo/ Making of 100 laddus/ Indian sweet recipe

After reading my blog about Besan laddu, many friends had ordered for Laddus during Diwali/ Deepawali festival. So, thought of sharing this recipe among you all so, it may help someone to prepare laddus in bulk for festivals/ any celebration sweets during this isolation time. You can have a short peek into my previous post…


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