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My favorite Indian Sweet Recipe

When I was younger I loved sweets. Excuse me, I loved the love my Mother used to blend with sweets. Sweets were a way to get as much love on my plate straight from her hands. 🙂

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Teacher’s day gift/ Easy gift ideas/ 10 minutes homemade gift

“Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever”. Happy Teacher’s day to all my Teachers. Teachers are our guides, friends, second parents with whom we spent most of our school/college days with. Most of the encouragement words, motivational quotes, inspirational messages we have learnt from. Every year, 05th of September is remarked as Teacher’s day…

Gobi 65/ Cauliflower fry/ Easy snacks recipe

Easy Indian snacks recipe using cauliflower. Cauliflower has its own taste. Either you try frying or cook for the curry. I love cauliflowers. Do you? Comment it and please let me know. But why it is called Gobi 65 or chicken 65? Recipe has its own history on its name. It was the 65th food…

Wheatflour cake recipe/ Theme cake/ Eggless Birthday cake recipe

The delicious birthday cake, eggless version, cake without using Maida (plainflour), without using butter is shown. It is healthier version compared to the plain flour (maida) type cake as we have replaced it with whole wheatflour in the cake. Banana is known for its own nutritional benefits. Here, cake is baked with oven. How to…


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